Restaurant Sol Blanc

Sol Blanc


In Sol Blanc you will find the best Catalan cuisine with top market quality products, some of them coming directly from our garden and the small farmyard chickens and geese we have.

In our menu you will find traditional dishes such as stews, grilled meats, fresh fish products made by us (foie gras and sausage) cheeses from small producers and the star product of the area such as rice .

We always recommend to accompany our dishes with a good selection of wines from the DO Emporda and the country, as well as the best Spanish vineyards.

Where we are

We are situated in a “mas” (old farmhouse), located in a privileged area on the outskirts of Pals and surrounded by the solitude of the Empordà plain cut by the medieval skyline silhouette of Pals’ old quarter.

Pals has a historic medieval centre where we found the Romanesque tower built between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries, known as the Tower of the Hours.

Within the Gothic Quarter there are cobbled streets and arches, facades and stone balconies. The town wall contains four square towers which date from the fourth century.

Josep Pla viewpoint (from which can be seen the fields of Empordà and the Medes Islands), the Plaça Major (main square), the tombs in the main street and the church of San Pere are other tourist spots that can not be missed when visitng the town.

Who we are

With almost 10 years of experience as a chef at Cal Ros restaurant in Girona, Jordi Ribas decided in the late 2013 along with his wife Sonia Labrador (sommelier and head waitress), to manage the restaurant and settle down in this magnificent town.

Thus began a new gastronomic adventure, with renewed strengths and goals to provide the best seasonal cuisine of the area.

Our goal is  to offer a service and a gastronomic quality that we would like to find when we go to a restaurant. For this reason, we offer the best quality local products and the best service to our customers.